Rector's  and administration of the Scientific research medical and social Institute, congratulates the head of the Department of information technologies, Dinara Kanetova on the successful defense of the dissertation for the candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences in the specialty 01.01.04 - "Geometry and topology" on the topic: "Uniform structures on spaces and groups" we

Wish you creative success in your further scientific work!

On October 27, the Enactus NIMSI Team held an online conference Enactus day-2020 on the topic: "Information for 2020. New opportunities, environmental and food security" for students. Before the conference, team members showed a video clip about the work done for the 2020 academic year. Where projects were presented: 1. Organization of the photocopy service. 2. Cultivation of vermicompost to farmers Barpinskogo aiyl Aimak. 3. Recycling and recycling of plastic bottles.

Ph. D., acting associate Professor Anarbekova V. E. welcomed the Executive Director of Enactus KR Suyunova G., as well as the conference guests and students. On behalf of the rector, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor K. B. Managarova and administration of NIMSHI thanked the participants of the conference. She also expressed her readiness to provide comprehensive assistance in the implementation of projects.

During the event, Director of the ZHIA Sheraly Kasymaliev informed about the activities of the ZHIA and expressed readiness to cooperate with the Enactus SRMSI team. Tunugay Kurbanova, chief specialist on social issues of the city hall of Jalal-Abad, welcomed the teams and guests. She thanked the students for helping the city in the fight against recycling and recycling of plastic bottles, which is a problem of the global world in preserving the environment.

Director of Enactus Kyrgyzstan Suyunova Gulbarchyn welcomed the team. Expressed gratitude to the Academic adviser of the team Kaliev A. S. Informed the team members about the opportunities for social cooperation of foreign students with local populations. Director Rural Advisory service Zabolotov Sarabec podelilsa their experiences in cultivation of vermicompost and expressed readiness to implementation of the finished product. Team captain Jehand Ali, members Mudassar Sher, Parash, Sohib Khan, Huseyin and Beenish Ali in their speeches about the importance of social partnership with local populations.

Being useful and necessary to society is the main goal of the team. We wish the team members every success in implementing their projects.

23.07.2020.The Enactus teams of the Scientific Research Medical and Social Institute, headed by academic adviser Azamat Sayitovich Kaliev, as adviser Kalykova Gulzada Satybaldievna, team captain Jeehand Ali and manager Beenish Ali Baig, continue to visit farmers in  Barpy local government, observing all sanitary measures. Maintaining a constant WhatsApp communication is not enough. Farmers who grow bio humus within the framework of the project, together with members of the Enactus SRMSI team, while visiting other farmers, monitored the bio humus they grow. The result was satisfactory, since some farmers did not take good care of the bio humus. 

All the farmers were given advice and recommendations on the correct cultivation of bio humus on the spot. In hot summer months, you need to water more often, or rather, every other day. At the end there was a meeting with the head of the Barpy ayil okmotu Syrgabaev Apsatar. The team members informed the chapter about the farmers who grow bio humus. The head thanked the members of the Enactus SRMSI team, since it was Barpy AO that was chosen for the Suzak District. The project is bearing considerable fruit, farmers making a profit share their experience with neighbors and relatives. Today, in politically difficult situations of a pandemic, we all realized that we need to grow.

Enactus Kyrgyzstan arranged a huge summer camp from 15-18 June , 2020 and invited all enrolled universities members, for their refreshment and to learn other skills. Enactus kyrgyzstan arranged this summer camp in talisman village of issykkul , just adjacent to beautiful and charming issykkul lake Panorama . From Scientific research medical and social institute our academic advisor Kaliev Azamat Sayitovich, Captian Mudassar Sher and PR menedjer of group Beenish Ali Baig attended this camp . SRMSI student participated in every activity with full zeal and zest for example games, sessions, conferences and singing which were all related to the projects of Enactus. Thus overall this camp gave good opportunity to know about Enactus teams of other universities , plus to polish the skills of members and specially during this camp our university projects were encouraged.

08.05.2020. The teaching staff of the SRMSI held an online scientific-practical conference on "Immortal Regiment" dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. The scientific conference was opened by the Rector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ph.D., Associate Professor Tampagarov, who congratulated on the Victory Day, stressed the urgency of scientific research and wished success to the conference by providing useful and necessary advice to young researchers, undergraduates and graduate students. Jumanalieva MB, PhD in Medicine, made a presentation on "The contribution of Kyrgyz soldiers to the Great Patriotic War." Teachers AA Doroev, N. Abaidyldaeva, A. Eshimbetova, G. Juraeva, Z. Uraimova, А. Abdilkasymov told about the heroism of the Heroes of the Soviet Union in Kyrgyzstan. It was also accompanied by art reading and singing.


The teaching staff of the SRMSI, Pakistani teachers and students organized a charity event dedicated to the emergency situation in the country and during the holy month of Ramadan. According to the list received from the social department of the administration of the city hall of Jalal-Abad, to provide assistance to low-income residents of the city, providing them with food and basic necessities. Such traditional ceremonies were organized by the president, administration and faculty of the institute for two years during the fasting in month.

            Foreign lecturers and students not only learn, but also remember to communicate with local residents.

            Good luck, dear teachers and students of SRMSI!

3-05-20, Our  team of Enactus project behalf of Scientific research medical social institute attended meeting with Suyunova Gulbarchin Executive Director Enaktas Kyrgyzstan  and Zakirova Shaira Adamovna - Program Director main Bishkek  held on zoom app session at 3 pm. Firstly we introduced our team members and then question answering session started. We introduced our all positions assigned to each member. Main thing which we shared was our main aims which are as follows; 1-benefit for institute 2-team building 3-business project 4-enactus project. We informed the stuff regarding projects which were in the pipe line like we have started with three projects; 

1-we have already installed a photocopying machine in our institute to facilitate both our university staff and students, we told them benefit of this project is to save precious time of student and who were supposed to go for far area for doing their printing and photocopying process, plus our team has earned some money from this project, so we would use this amount for our next upcoming project for welfare of society.                                                         

2-reworking  plastic bottles;  for this purpose we  told them that we have  already work together and collected all those bottles which has been thrown as rubbish and making our surrounding unpleasant, using them for making useful fibers for local people living in Jalal-abad . Rather this project is in process but due to corona virus pandemic our project has been a little bit retarded but still we were discussing our innovative ideas on online whats app group.                         

 3-breeding bio humus; we told them regarding this project too, this project is also on going which has been started, main aim of this project to use all unwanted organic material for benefit of locals,  waste product of plants, fruits, vegetables, eggshells, paper towels are used to make natural fertilizers by decomposing action of worms. Thus local farmers can easily use it for next cultivation. Hence this would be fruitful for farmers over all the Bishkek staff has encouraged all team members for our team efforts and invited us to visit Bishkek for summer Enactus camp to learn more and we also ensured them to work more on our project after this corona virus lock down, we will visit nearby village, local government Barpy to identify those who  need  our trainings and seminars.

04/19/2020 The teaching staff of the Scientific Research Medical and Social Institute conduct outreach with the population in the fight against coronavirus. Receiving the relay  from colleagues of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and the International University of Kyrgyzstan. We express solidarity to medical workers around the world! I bow to you, dear PEOPLE IN WHITE ROBES!

07.04.2020 The staff of the SRMSI distributed food products to several low-income families in Jalal-Abad.


06.04.2020 To fight with the coronavirus, the staff of the SRMSI transferred a day's salary, 50 thousand soms to a special account that opened in Jalal-Abad.

Thank you to the community of the university for their care!

On March 16, the SRMSI Rector PhD. Professor Tampagarov Kushtarbek Bekmuratovich acquainted the faculty with the order of the Minister of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic under No. 282/1 from March 14, 2020. On the establishment of premature vacations in educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic. On the goals of enforcing the decision of the Security Council of the Kyrgyz Republic on preventing the importation and preventing the spread of coronavirus on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic of March 14, 2020.

Theme: Seminar 'Learning styles' was held for teachers of SRMSI.
On the 11 of March PhD, dozent Junusov Nurdin Samatovich  and senior teacher Kochkorbaeva Layli Satimbaevna of the department of Nature Humanitarian Discipline,  held seminar named 'Learning styles' for the staff of SRMSI.
The aim of the seminar was to show and share advanced experiences modern methods of teaching subjects. The participants were active and learnt innovative methods and strategies of Learning styles.

March 6 was a meeting. The rector of NIMSI, Doctor of Philosophy, professor Tampagarov Kushtarbek Bekmuratovich spoke congratulated the faculty on the international women's holiday. Handed the distinguishe teachers Diplomas.

Theme: Workshop, Training how to fill out individual plans.

Useful seminar was held for the teachers of the Department of Humanitarian Disciplines and the Department of Internal Medicine. The head of the department, Ph.D., Anarbekova Venera Erkinbekovna and PhD of Medicine Zhumanalieva Maksudakan Bekievna told to the teachers how to fill out individual plans and shared with their experiences. We got acquainted on the planning of individual work of teachers, the basic requirements for an individual work plan for a teacher, the procedure for compiling, approving and keeping an individual teacher plan. Recommended time limits for out of class loud.    Teachers were informed about time limits for academic work, academic –methodology work, scientific-research work, and extracurricular work load.

Theme: Support Wuhan!

The students of SRMSI held an action by supporting the Chinese city Wuhan with following slogans: We support Wuhan!”, “Together we will win!”, “Hold on Wuhan!. Future doctors are worried about an outbreak of infection with Coronavirus. Coronavirus is not only a problem in China, but also a threat to the whole world and humanity. The students expressed their support for a neighboring Chinese country in the fight against the problem of Coronavirus.



Vice-rector for research of SRMSI Ph.D., associate professor Narbaev Mirsadyk Rakhimberdievich held a seminar.

Objectives of the seminar:
1. Acquaintance of teachers with the main directions of the institute.
2. Help the teachers of selecting the theme of the research work.
3. Training the teachers and researchers skills of presentation and research work.       
4. Teaching teachers the skills of presentation of researching and scientific discussion.
5. Discussion and preparation for the defense of research projects of teachers and graduate students.
Scientific- research seminar considered the following directions: 
Short information was given to graduate students about how to enter to graduate school.
Ø  Help the teachers and graduate students to have scientific supervisors. 
Ø Furthermore, each department must select relevant directions of researching and have experimental work in the direction of scientific rresearch work.
Ø Discussion of personal plans of teachers and research
Ø The teachers and graduate students were informed about how to write a scientific article.  
Ø And graduate students should select literatures on chosen themes of researching and compiling bibliography.

Additional courses in anatomy.

For the first half of the year, students were organized courses in anatomy and physiology at the initiative of the head of the Department of OMD, PhD, doctor of medicine, Zhumanalieva M. B since they are the foundation for medical education. Organized extra classes, due to the fact that students have difficulties in learning Russian and Latin. To develop among students a unified idea of ​​the structure and function of human organs.  Along with the acquisition of knowledge about the structure of organs, systems and organisms in general, it is necessary to instill in students the ability to navigate well in the complex structure of man. Freely find and define projections and organs of their parts. Comprehensively reveal the interconnectedness and interdependence of individual parts of the body. Given the fact that anatomy is one of the morphological disciplines. This is the science of the form, structure, origin and development of the human body, its systems and organs. The main methods of anatomy: observation, examination of the body, autopsy, study of a separate organ and organ system, their internal structure. Modern anatomy is functional because it considers the structure of the human body in connection with its functions.

Physiology is the science of the functions and mechanisms of the vital activity of an integral organism, its systems. She studies the functions of a living organism, therefore, refers to biological disciplines. Physiology is an experimental science. She has two methods: observation and experiment. Both of these disciplines integrate accumulated knowledge and experience, allow studying the organs and tissues of a person, as well as their functions in interaction and the aspect of satisfying human needs.

Purpose: In the learning process, the student should receive a basic education that ensures continuity and the possibility of continuing education, professional development and practical mastery.

Tasks of studying the discipline:                                       

·         Disclosure of the main methodological provisions of the discipline "Anatomy and Physiology";

·         Studying the discipline allows you to get closer to solving a problem aimed at correctly interpreting the level of health, identifying and outlining in this process the role of a senior medical worker.

Types of current control for the discipline "Human Anatomy and Physiology" are: performing control, abstract, independent, practical and laboratory work, compiling and solving situational tasks, crosswords, test-reference tasks using a computer, and working on a project.

The deadlines for the results of the current control are determined by the calendar schedule of the educational process in the discipline.

The student is allowed to pass the midterm control in the presence of a positive rating of "3", "4", "5" for the current module.

The student is allowed to pass the final control in the presence of a positive rating of "3", "4", "5" for the certified module. The final control is considered passed in the event of a positive assessment, set by the teacher on the exam. The final grade in the discipline is determined by the students' knowledge assessment scale.

Theme: Meeting with parents!

A meeting was held with the parents of students who came from Namangan, Samarkand, Ferghana and Andijan regions of Uzbekistan. At the meeting, parents were informed about the activities of SRMSI, class rooms of modern equipments, modern technologies, libraries with necessary literatures.  And they introduced to staff of «Natural Sciences and Humanities» Department.  They also were informed information about the student’s activities and successes.
 The head of the Department of "Natural Sciences and Humanities" Ph.D. Anarbekova Venera Erkinbekovna explained the current situation and introduced the educational standards of the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic. According to the regulation, students must complete the 1st year academic year, and the 2nd year students an able to transform to other universities.
Venera Erkinbekovna also told about the social life of students, and about keeping in touch with Uzbekistans universities as Andijan Medical Institute.
 Furthermore, she included in her speech about information of world organizations, as UN Declaration, its adoption and about information to the students.
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